11 Months


In one short month, you will be 1. That's nutso! I cannot believe it has almost been a year. I have really been gearing up for this one. I have been thinking about what I was doing a year ago from today. It was almost a year ago that I started my weekly trips to the hospital only to stay there not too long from now. February was an exciting month for us! We thought you would be born in February! Thankfully, you weren't....Mommy stabilized and you were born right.on.time...a little early but big and healthy!

Let's see....you are probably right at 22 pounds and probably 30+ inches long if I had to guess. You just went to size 4 diapers which are quite big on you but the size 3s were getting tight on those thighs! =) You are almost completely finished with the bottle...only taking a night bottle. You take 2 sippy cups with formula - one in the middle of the day and one in the morning and then the bottle at night...all 5 ounces but you are finicky! You have started throwing the cups back at me and only want them sometimes. The doctor says she wants you to have between 20-24 oz of formula and you are taking between 13-15 oz....what am I going to do with you???!!! You aren't starving by any means!!! You eat solid foods really well!!! You love macaroni and cheese, turkey and cheese, and crackers. You enjoy water. You say Mommy, Daddy, doggie, night night, ball, that, and other things repeatedly that I am not sure what they are! You do the sign for more, all done, and you let me know when you are sleepy. You are crawling EVERYWHERE and pulling up like a pro. You could stand by yourself if you wanted...but you don't. I don't think you will be walking as soon as your sister did but I am okay with that. You aren't your sister...YOU ARE YOU AND I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!



Leslie said…
Look at her...she's a doll.
Rebekah said…
doesn't it go by way too fast! she is precious and so is the dress!
Dana said…
Love the dress : )
She is too cute and I still think that she looks like Rachel. Where did you get her dress? Your girls are always dressed so cute :)
Ashley said…
She is such a doll!!!!! Love her cheeks. Thanks for sharing! Can't wiat to see her in her birthday set next month!!
Rachel Cox said…
Love her outfit! Too cute!
Katie said…
Her outfit and bow are PRECIOUS, Rikki!!

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