What Do I Do?

I frequently get asked the question, "So, you are a social worker at a hospital? So, what do you do?" I try not to talk much about work on here for several reasons. Sure, I could give you my job description as it would be handed to you if you were to apply for a position as a social worker at my place of employment but is that really 'what I do??' I don't think that it would cover a 1/4 of what I actually do. I'm not trying to 'toot my own horn' but seriously, it would take more than those couple of pieces of paper. I can give you a short synopsis of the last couple of weeks.....WARNING....some of this may not be pleasant....

Talked to about a million (okay, probably not quite that many but it kinda felt like it) patients about discharge plans - home health, inpatient rehabs, nursing homes, etc....(what I consider the easy part of my job). Talked to just about as many (if not more) about why the county hospital in our area is FABULOUS (another way of saying you don't have insurance, thanks for visiting). Here is where my job gets a little more challenging but where my heart is....Sat with 14, 15, 16, and 17 year olds who just delivered babies and talked with them about the importance of bonding and nurturing and birth control. Talked with them about how having babies is fun and they are cute and cuddly but they are hard and unpleasant and they make you angry, and frustrated. Visited with mothers and fathers who just lost infants at 18, 22, 24, and 26 weeks gestation who want answers that I or anyone else can't give them. Sat with a young couple as I went over funeral home information as they chose a funeral home for their 22 week gestation twin that was just born died as their other 22 week gestation twin fights for her life in the NICU. Stood with a lovely couple in their mid thirties who had the neonatologist tell them that their 25 week gestation baby that is now 4 days old in the NICU has a grade 3 brain bleed and process with them what that means and try to hold myself together as the dad sobs. Talked with a mom who was forced to deliver a baby at 28 weeks gestation due to her health and felt guilty because she caused her baby to be unhealthy.

I know that this all sounds completely and utterly depressing to most of you reading this but this.is.what.I.do.
I love it!
Ya'll this is more than just my job. This is a calling and a ministry. I have seen and heard so many positive things come out of this that you cannot imagine. I have a heart for these women (and men). I don't understand why I am drawn to these people but I am and for this time, I am going to keep doing this as God has allowed me to.

There are other things I do that I don't love like making CPS reports and having babies taken from their mothers but I also assist with adoptions and that's always neat to see a baby go home with a loving adoptive family....although they are a pain sometimes!!! =)

I just love this new job and I could not be happier in the role that I am in. God is good. I miss my friends and being home during the day with my kiddos but I know that I am where I am supposed to be and doing what I am supposed to be doing!!!

PS...In case you are wondering, I am the social worker for the following units: labor & delivery, post partum, obstetric/gynecologic surgical, neonatal intensive care, and orthopedic/neuro surgical units.

So....thats.....what I do!!!



Rachel Moss said…
Wow! No idea how you can do that job and love it...but I am glad you do! I am sure the people you impact every day are glad, too.
krista and ryan said…
I think you are amazing at what you do:) and it is DEFINATELY a calling- a High calling:) I'm proud of you:)
Dana said…
WOW!! That job sounds...hard...but I bet it is very rewarding. What kind of education does that job require? How did you find it?? Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
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