Birthday Plans

I am so excited about Lauren's birthday!!!

I think that plans are finally starting to come together. I have FINALLY created the invitation and it is being printed and will hopefully be here soon so I can mail them out. I did put a Facebook invite out so that people actually will get invited and know there is a party to come to! I have made a food list (for my husband to start thinking about)! I have a decorations list that is actually already almost complete. I am excited about this part because I have a very talented friend from church that made a birthday banner from scrapbook paper (I kinda stole *clears throat* borrowed an idea from Kelly). She did a great one for Harper's birthday and my friend Leah created one for Lauren's birthday and gave it to me tonight and it is ADORABLE!!!! I LOVE IT and I am so excited to use it!! I also ordered a hand painted canvas from a girl that painted one for Harper (I read Kelly's blog everyday). The one I ordered for Lauren is just in the colors of her birthday and it is her monogram. She emailed me a preview and it is precious!!! I can't wait to see it!

The theme for Lauren's party is cupcakes and the colors are purple, hot pink and teal. I have a TON of cupcakes and decorations and it is going to be so much fun!!!! More info to come!!!!

I am doing something different for gifts and I want to share but it is past my bedtime and I have a SUPER LONG day tomorrow so I better get to bed...after I move the clothes from the washer to the dryer.....

Nite My Lauren would say!!! =)



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