do people even read this???? I never get any comments!


Anonymous said…
I read you Rikki!! I'm sorry I don't comment. I sneak a peek whenever I can though.

Charity said…
i do, i do! :) thanks for the comment on my blog, by the way! i'm excited!
Leslie said…
I just happened to find your blog a few days ago while I was visiting someone else. I'll be reading now! If you'd like to generate more readers you can try linking it from your facebook. I always like to get my old friends on facebook on my blog so that they can read about my life NOW. Just an idea.=)
Lainey-Paney said…
it's tuesday.
gage has pink eye.
i think i have strep throat.
today sucks.
but yes, i read it.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I read your blog. I am trying to work on potty training with Logan. I would love for you to blog about how that is going with you or give some tips.

Bubeaner said…
You know I read. Otherwise, I wouldn't nag you about updates and pictures. =) I can't wait to meet Lauren. She's squeezably CUTE!
Christa said…
I check in on ya several times a week, actually! Just got a screenname or sign-in or whatever it is so I can comment. Gotta see what's goin' on w/my partner in crime. haha! Miss the heck outta you!! =) Hugs to all!
I read too! Just a bad commenter : )

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