Well, I was thinking about posting what we did each day but I just don't have energy for it. Here is the sum of what we did:

We got to Arkansas and had some "down time" with grandparents. Lauren had a HORRIBLE night of no sleeping. Drove to Little Rock. Lauren slept well every night there. Was there for 3 days and visited lots of family and friends. Drove to Hot night of sleep Lauren had the entire trip! We were able to visit with some of my most favorite people EVER!!!! I miss Christi and Charlie so very much! Drove to Hope. Spent the night...Lauren again did not sleep well. Drove home. It was a long trip and it seemed even longer with all the stops we had to make with a potty training toddler and a breast feeding infant...not to mention a Mommy who drinks a lot....WATER people, WATER!!! =)

I am including some of my favorite pictures from the trip. Go to for the rest of the pictures!!

OKAY...that's the only two I am posting....for some reason blogger is having some issues with photo posts. If you want to see the rest, go to our dropshots. There are several more that I wanted to post...maybe I will try again later.


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