What in the world?

So, have you ever done something really random and stupid and afterward you can't for the life of you figure out how you did it??? Well, I did that last night! I have been cleaning and organizing this house like a CRAZY WOMAN!! Yes, it is mainly because we have company coming over in a week or so but seriously it needed to be done. I HATE clutter but for some reason we have so much of it! So, I finally finished up last night (except for our closet...that will have to wait). BUT, somehow I tripped over the play mat in Rachel's playroom with one foot and hurt my 2nd toe (just right of the big toe, or great toe as it is sometimes called). I am talking, IT HURTS!!!! REALLLLLLLYYYY BAD!!!! I thought the pain would go away after a few minutes like things like that usually do but not so much. It still hurts and is throbbing this morning. I was half laughing after I did it because I have no idea how it happened. Brice saw the whole thing and the only thing he said was, "How in the world did you get that toe and none of the rest?" Good question!!!! Well, this morning the toenail is BLACK! At first, because of the pain, I thought it was broken but I can move it...it hurts when I move it but I CAN move it. So, here is my diagnosis....I think that I smashed it on the floor, somehow and the blood is up underneath the toenail and the pressure is what is hurting. I am pretty sure that it might have to be punctured with a needle (professionally, not by me!!!!). Anyway, I will give it a few days, if I can last that long. I am telling you, this stuff hurts!!!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the daddy's out there. My kids have the best!!!! Brice is such a good daddy. Rachel adores him and when Lauren gets old enough to know how to adore someone she will too! He plays with the girls and does many things that daddy's don't do with their kiddos. I get frustrated with him sometimes but he really is a good daddy to my girls!!

**Upcoming post** We have encountered what is potentially a HUGE water leak problem. Here is a preview: it has to do with a bathtub upstairs leaking water onto the floor downstairs through the ceiling!!!! I don't have a lot of details except that for now. I will post more about that later!


Christa said…
OK, so I've been outta town for a week and just read this. What you probably had was a subungual hematoma...or blood under the nail. You CAN do it yourself w/a hot sterile needle to the base of the nail if you don't wanna pay for the doc to do it. You'll most likely lose the nail but it'll grow back. Happened to my big toe when I took a line drive off of it. HURT SOOOOO BAD!!

If it makes you feel any better, I was carrying some stuff down the hall by the training room at All-Stars this last week and the Concrete Floor Sniper got me. One bad step and it was like one of those slow motion things where you know you're about to bite it and do. haha! My knees and elbows are what took the impact, esp my right side and the bursa sac on my right patella popped and immediately swelled up. I got a LITTLE of the one on my right elbow and it did the same. After much ice, the swelling is gone, but it left bruises on both that makes me look like I got into a bar fight and whipped the dawg outta someone!! haha! Funny how we don't recover as quickly anymore. Felt so stupid, but hey...you gotta laugh to keep from crying sometimes, and that was one of those times.

Hope all is well...miss you big time!! =(

Love you even bigger time!! =)

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