Well, I guess I will continue to blog for the people out there that do read it. Teasing. I would blog is my open-face journal for all the world to see. It really does help me when I am frustrated with the kiddos or what-have-you. I have made some friends just by blogging and it's kinda neat. There are so many people that do it! Besides I know my family reads and never comments.

It's Wednesday. I got my new camera yesterday and it is FABULOUS!!! I will have to say that the place where I bought it was not fabulous. I will have to blog about that later...maybe during Rachel's naptime. Nevertheless, the camera is great. I have taken pictures and videos and I can't wait to share them with you. I took two videos yesterday of Rachel. One is of her singing "our song." It is that old song (that I have to confess I have no idea where I heard it) but we started singing it when she was just a little bitty baby and now we sing it together. It's the bushel and a peck song. Anyway, it's cute and the other one is her singing her ABCs. She starts that one over like 3 times so it is kinda long. She's a character.

We have spent most of the week at home. I did go to the gym yesterday and did some cardio....that was about all I had time for when Lauren started screaming in the childcare which then made Rachel start crying. We left shortly thereafter to go home for lunch and nap....which Rachel NEVER took. Brice had a meeting last night at church and didn't get home until about 8:15. Rachel decided that she wanted to tee-tee in the potty again...and she did!!!!! In the big potty. She didn't want to sit on the little potty. So, she hopped up there when we weren't paying attention and Brice noticed her and said that she did it! Then a little while later she ran in there and did it again (we had her diaper off the whole time). I think I am going to take a day with no diaper and see how she does. We did this not too long ago and it was a disaster! Maybe today if she is cooperative. Let me just say that this potty training thing is way harder than I ever thought it would be. THEN, it was bath and bedtime. Rachel was a MESS!!!! H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!!!!!!! She was overly tired. I was going to give her a bath and had to switch with Brice in the middle of it because it was time for me to feed Lauren. She was not happy about that. Then, she just screamed and screamed. It was a battle between her and Daddy. I finally went and talked to her a little and calmed her down enough for him to take her upstairs. I am all about disciplining my child and letting her know that she can't act like a crazy person but there just isn't a lot you can do when she is in that state. She is quite uncontrollable. I don't know if I do the right thing or not but I just try to comfort her and talk to her softly and just pretty much "baby" her. It calms her down enough for me to talk to her. I think Brice has a hard time knowing what to do with her in that state too. He gets really frustrated with her. Finally, after I gave Lauren a bath and she (Rachel) had about 3 or 4 HUGE meltdowns I went into her room, we sang our song, and I loved on her a little bit. She looked at me and said, "Mommy, please put me on my pillow, please." I did and she went to sleep. That whole ordeal took about 1 1/2 hours. It is horrible when she is like that. She usually has no problem but when she is overly sleepy we have serious issues. I love the mess out of her but she is difficult sometimes!

Well, I am going to go back and lay down and see how long that lasts...Rachel usually gets up around 7:30.

I promise I will post pictures that I took yesterday in a little while. We will see how the day unfolds. I really need to go to the grocery store but I have to "feel out" the kids first to see how they might behave in the store.


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