My....What a week this has been!

I am VERY behind on blogging and posting pictures. I have tons of pictures from the last few days but I don't have my camera sitting here to download pictures...promise I will either later on tonight or tomorrow.

This week has been so crazy I can't even remember what I have blogged about. So....we had a power outage on Wednesday, regained power Thursday around 2:00 am. Rachel was sick starting Wednesday. Doctor Thursday - diagnosed with urinary tract infection. Still waiting on the call from the doctor regarding the cultures....probably tomorrow. Power went out again on Friday night around 9:00. It didn't come back on until Saturday around noon. I had to work yesterday...sent the kids and Brice to my dad's for the worked out well. Sometime this weekend I developed mastitis again. I put a call into the doctor yesterday and got a prescription called in. I get to the pharmacy today and they don't carry that prescription at my pharmacy. I had to call the doctor's office back and get them to call me in a difference prescription. They did, it's ready. I need to go back again to get it....think we'll drive thru this time! =)

God is good! Really! I know that this has been such a trying week for us..especially me having to take care of a sick little girl, a high maintenance baby and deal with power outages and my own health issues. It really has been difficult and I have spent several moments in tears and on the verge at other times. could be so much worse. We are healthy for the most part and despite all of the "trials" we have had to endure it is so incredibly miniscule compared to the suffering that others have to deal with. I am so thankful that we have a happy, healthy, beautiful family. We have FAR MORE than we need and often more than we want. God has been gracious to us and we don't deserve it!

I got a new phone and I am SOOO in love with it! I have many friends who are not into new technology but I get so super excited about gadgets. I think that is where I am more like a man! =) I love video games and game systems and new cameras and phones and computers....I LOVE IT!!! Anyway, I got the Samsung Eternity and I love it!! It is a lot like the iPhone but it was cheaper and I think it is pretty cool. I looked at a lot of different ones and I really like this one a lot. It has superb sound and it has a huge screen, etc. I just really like it!

Again, I will post pictures soon. We will be going out of town soon so this week during free time I will be cleaning and washing clothes getting ready for a visit from the Riddle clan!!! We can't wait to see them!!!


Lainey-Paney said…
girl----if our kids had the same kind of sickness, i'd say that you should bring them over 2morrow and we can cry about our whiney kids 2gether!

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