Small World

A few weeks ago I posted about how burdened I was regarding friends of Krista's who lost their newborn baby to an infection in her spinal fluid. For some reason I was so heartbroken for this family. Well, long story short, yesterday I was talking to Krista and she told me to go look at the picture of how beautiful this baby is. The mother of the baby is on facebook and her profile picture was of the 3 of them. Let me just stop and say that the baby was gorgeous!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Anyway, as I was looking at her picture I realized that we have like 21 friends in common. I started looking at who her friends are and it was all people that I went to college with in Arkansas. I looked at her picture again (you can't see her face really well) and then looked at her name....and said her name out loud. HOLY COW!!!! I know this girl! We went to the same college and she actually graduated the year I was a freshman but we met through some mutual friends and actually hung out together on more than one occasion. She was very outgoing and spunky and has a BEAUTIFUL voice! Anyway, I just could not get over the fact that I know this mom who just went through something so very tragic. I have a burden for those that lose babies anyway but for some reason this family just hit down deep. I have prayed and cried for them many times over this whole situation and all the while, I knew her! It really is a small world. SOOOO...please join me in praying for MY FRIEND Whitnee and her husband as they mourn the loss of their Lydia Grace.


Leslie said…
Isn't it so so sad! I recently found Whitnee on facebook as well and was so sad for her family.

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