Potty Training 101

Yes, this is hard!!!!! I have been "toying" with the idea of potty training for awhile now. We bought Pull-Ups and a small potty and a potty chair for the big potty awhile back. I even bought some big girl panties with Rachel's favorite character on them. We tried the panties a few weeks after the baby was born and it was a disaster. After about the 4th pair soiled within an hour I decided that she was not ready for that. I became exhausted again with the new baby and decided to try again later. It is hard to get motivation for these types of things when you are tired. So, earlier this week I started asking Rachel if she wanted to tee tee in the potty. She always said yes so we did. Finally on Wednesday I decided to take her diaper off and let her run around naked. Brave, I know. So, she had NO accidents all day without a diaper on. She did wear a Pull-Up for nap time and for bedtime and it was wet both times...significantly wet. So...there is a long road before us, I am afraid but recognizing when you have to go is a huge step and she is doing that. She even poo pooed in the potty and was so super excited about it! I don't know if I am doing this right or what the right trick is but we will figure this all out!!!!


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