Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday would have been my Granny and Papa's anniversary...it would have been 52 years!!!! My Papa died just shy of their 50th wedding anniversary and my Granny died this past January. I miss them so much. I think about Granny everyday and I just wish I could drive to her house and talk to her like I used to. What hurts my heart the most is that she will never meet Lauren and Lauren will never know how special Granny was.


Jen said…
Happy Anniversary in Heaven to your grandparents. I can totally relate to how you feel. My grandfather (we were VERY close) passed away right before I started dating my husband and it kills me that he and my kids never got to know him.

By the way, I started a new blog... this is Jen :)
Laurie said…
If you ordered a bib like Harper's - you should get it soon! After I posted the first bib on my blog - she got a TON of orders so I think she was swamped. It will be worth the wait!!!
Kelly said…
Sorry - that was me above - I was fixing something on my friend's blog for her. ha!

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