Wednesday Excitement

I had a very productive day yesterday. I dropped Rachel off at Parent's Day Out and then headed for Arlington. I went to the mall first with a few things in mind - pick up contacts that have been ordered and paid for since before Christmas, go by the Bare Minerals store and get some more makeup, and see if Motherhood Maternity had anything on sale. Got to the mall at about 9:20 and it wasn't open. Well, the building was open but not the stores but I was able to get my contacts because the doctor's office opens earlier. So, I got those and then left. I went to Kid To Kid to get the baby some headbands and bought a bow for her to wear home from the hospital. You know, because I don't have enough bows.....Anyway, beside the point. Then I went to Dixie's...ordered a friend's birthday gift. By then it was time for me to head to the doctor's office. Checkup went well. Blood pressure was GREAT!!!! You have absolutely no idea how thrilled I was to see those numbers! Baby's heartbeat sounded good and she said one more 2 week appointment and then I will start going every week! It is just going by so fast! Tomorrow is 33 weeks! After appointment I went to Target to use the little wand thingy to finish up my baby registry. It was fun and didn't take me long at all. I am SO excited about the shower at church on the 15th!!! Grabbed lunch and went home. Picked up Rachel a little while later.

So, nothing real exciting (except the normal blood pressure, of course). Until Rachel and I were eating Starbursts. Well, actually, she was bringing them to me so that I could bite them in half for her. As I was biting one in half, I felt something that wasn't quite crown came off my tooth!! It hurt and I rescued the crown. It was 10 minutes after 5:00 so naturally the dentist's office was closed...this would have to wait until morning. I was uncomfortable not to mention STARVING by the end of the night. I tried to drink from the water fountain at church...MISTAKE!!!!! Boy that hurt. First thing this morning, called the dentist...she saw me within the hour and all is well again!

Best part about it.....I was able to eat the deer steak I cooked tonight! FABULOSO!!!!


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