Back In the Hospital

I went to the doctor this morning and my blood pressure was bad again. I think she was actually more concerned with me having a headache for the past 3 days and Tylenol not touching it. So, I am back in the hospital for at least overnight. She said that she might let me go home tomorrow but said that it is possible that I might not go home since the hospital is a more controlled environment and I can maintain bedrest better here. I will know more tomorrow.

I did have a sonogram today of the baby and SHE IS BIG!!! I am 34 weeks, 5 days pregnant and she measured 37 weeks, 4 days! That made her estimated weight and length to be 7 lbs, 4 oz, 20 1/4 inches long!!! WOAH!!! The goal at this point is to keep baby inside until 37 weeks to get her to term. That is a little over 2 weeks so we will have a baby soon!!!

I will update sometime tomorrow when I know more.


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