Hospital Stay Night 1

So, by the title of this post, you know that I am, once again, in the hospital. My doctor's appointment did not go well yesterday. My blood pressure was 149/114 the first time and 179/98 the second time. I am dilated to almost 2 and 70% effaced. I was SUPER puffy yesterday...hands, face, and most drastic is my face! I noticed it when I woke up yesterday morning. doctor sent me to the hospital and gave the impression that I would be having a baby thoughts after her talking was within the next week or so. I will be 37 weeks on Friday and the baby will not be premature at that point. plan for March 12th may not work out after all but God knows what He is doing and I have to have faith that everything will be okay. We have a big baby girl at this point and hopefully her little lungs are getting ready for the world!

So....last night, I slept better than I did the last time I was here...the bed...SO MUCH BETTER!! I was so sleepy from the night before with Rachel that I went to sleep at 10:30 and got woke up at midnight for blood pressure check, temp, etc. I think she came back in at 5:00 AM to weigh me and do more vital signs. The doctor came in this morning at 7:00 and said that things look good and if anything changes, we will have a baby, if not, we will continue on....

What I noticed......there are SO MANY infomercials in the morning time!! When all you have to do is watch TV, you notice things like this. I saw so many things that I want to buy....neat little gadgets! I will resist...don't worry!

So, here I am...missing my little girl today. I hope that I get to see her later on today.

That's all for today, I guess....


So sorry that you are in the hospital!! Take the time to rest while you can. Soon you will have a new baby and be wishing for rest. Praying for you and the baby!!
Framed by Grace said…
So sorry too, that you are in the hospital...but I'm sure that the new baby will brighten your spirits as soon as she enters this world!
Glad you stopped by the blog and don't buy too many neat gadget while there~:)

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