Doctor's Appointment Today

Went to the doctor this morning. She said that my swelling is better and my blood pressure was 149/88. That isn't a great BP but it wasn't terrible either. I had a sonogram and she checked the amniotic fluid. Apparently, last week my fluid levels were low and I didn't know it. She said that it looks so much better today which was reassuring. I did tell her that I was having headaches pretty constant and that my ears were ringing but she said that if that came back or didn't go away with Tylenol and rest to go to the hospital. I have another appointment on Friday. I will continue seeing her twice a week and will continue to be on bed rest until we have munchkin......

which brings me to my next point.....

She said that she will induce anytime after 37 weeks (of course, unless something goes worse between now and then). I will be 37 weeks on March 6th. Her next call date after then is March 12th which is almost another week after that. I will be 1 day shy of 38 weeks. I have to decide how important it is for me to have her deliver my baby...which at this point I am leaning towards her is pretty important to me. BUT, do I want to wait a whole week after that time or what??? SO...I have some thinking to do....besides, she could be close to 10 lbs by then too! Anyway, lots of things to think about and talking to Brice, questions for doctor, etc....

For now...I am going to take a nap!

Thanks for your prayers!


Anonymous said…
i think the 12th is a GREAT day to be born....but then I would ;)
Yes, I actually thought about that when she said the 12th is when she is on call..crazy that I actually remember your birthday!!!

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