Parenting 101

So, we all (I am sure) make parenting decisions that might not work or be the wisest but that makes us human, right? Well, I had the bright idea of buying one of those little DVD holders that hold like 15 DVDs to put beside the TV in the living room. I did this because I am tired of walking upstairs everytime Rachel wants to watch a DVD. Call me lazy....Anyway, I bought one and put Rachel's DVDs in it. It has been a battle since.....she will not quit messing with them. She also (at some point in time) figured out how to put the DVDs in the DVD player. Well, I have done everything I know to do to make her quit besides taking the DVDs and putting them where she can't reach them. I am really trying to teach her a little self control. Well, yesterday I had a talk with her about not touching the DVD player. Well, she actually broke her favorite DVD...Baby Einstein Baby McDonald. She stepped on it and craked it. It is going to have to go in the trash. This is unfortunate but it was a good tool in helping her understand why we don't touch the DVDs. The deal was that she was told not to touch the DVD player again or she would lose TV privileges for that half of the day...until after nap. I read somewhere that it is important to give little ones a shorter period of time than say, all day. Anyway, she touched the DVD player while I was in the shower and so she lost her privileges until after lunch. I am hoping that it was affective. I am not sure but we will be consistent with this type of punishment. Rachel has been challenging lately to say the least!!!! Hello to terrible can only get better after I have a 2 year old and a newborn, right??!!!!!

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