Here...At Home

Well, here I am....still at home. I have to report that I am feeling much better. The headaches have subsided for the most part. I am still very very tired during the day and do not last an entire day without a nap.

So, the orders were bed driving, no taking care of my child, no cooking, cleaning, etc....well, my husband has been very good the past couple of days. After my 2nd trip to the hospital with the overnight stay, I think he realized how important this is. My Aunt Donna had Rachel all day Thursday and Friday so last night Brice bought some cube steaks and cooked dinner for her and her family. He did an amazing job! It was AWESOME!!! He even made me peach cobbler that I requested. He did the dishes afterwards and everything. Today he made breakfast and dinner and brought it to me on the couch. He has been very good to make sure that Rachel doesn't get too be too much for me. I just love him!

This past week has been crazy!!! I barely was able to see my little girl and was very thankful when she was home last night. I am so very grateful for all of my friends who stepped in and helped with her...I have the best friends in the entire world!!!! Brice's mom will be here tomorrow night and will help with her and other things throughout the week. We are thankful for family who can take a little time to help as well.

Today I had to clean my room...DON'T WORRY!!!!!! I sat in the floor and folded clothes and instructed Brice where to take them, etc. We got the Pack n Play up and ready for baby. I packed her diaper bag for the hospital and I will get my bag ready in the next couple of days. Her room is just about finished as I got things washed and put away today. I have rested as well. I have taken my blood pressure a couple of times today....the systolic has remained on the high end with diastolic right at normal. I think this is somewhat of an improvement but I think that it will just be high from here on out. The goal is another 2 weeks.....

At the request of my friend, I will post pictures of the nursery soon...I PROMISE!


Lainey-Paney said…
So glad that you get to stay home.
So glad that your husband is attentive & helpful!
Don't you dare over-do it!

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