So Blessed!

We had a very busy weekend! Friday night and Saturday morning we helped paint Granny's house which is now actually Aunt Donna's house. She will move in soon and it definitely needed some upgrades and repairs. Saturday afternoon Brice's parents came from Little Rock and we went to eat Catfish for Valentine's Day. It was EXACTLY what I wanted! I thoroughly enjoyed the company and the food. Yesterday was the baby shower. I just need to start by saying that I have some incredible friends and people in my life. The shower was so much fun and the decorations were so cute. The Lord moved us away from Arkansas....away from our comfort zone to a place where I thought I would feel at home since I grew up here. That was not the case for awhile...I missed Arkansas really bad. I still do miss Arkansas and all of my friends there but I have no doubt in my mind that we are where we are supposed to be. God has brought us to a place where we can minister to others and we have formed some friendships that will last, undoubtedly, forever. We got so many nice gifts and I really felt the presence of God as the baby and I were prayed over. Thank you all of my friends and family who traveled, some not so short distances, to make yesterday special for me, Brice, baby girl and even Rachel. Rachel even got some gifts as to not feel left out. Thank you all for loving my family so much.


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