What Do I Think?

Glad you asked!!!!

Well, the question and comments have been "Do you think Lauren looks like Rachel?" and "OH my goodness, they are identical!"

Here is what I think....
I think Lauren looks like Lauren and Rachel looks like Rachel. Yes, I am their mother and I have a want for them to be their own person. HOWEVER, I do think that they favor and I do think that in certain pictures it is very hard to tell which one is Lauren and which is Rachel. I posted a bathtub picture not too long ago and they look almost identical. Here are some other pictures of them at the same age.

Rachel Birth

Lauren Birth

Rachel 2 weeks

Lauren 2 weeks

Rachel 1 month

Lauren 1 month

The main difference to me is that Lauren has more petit features. Her facial features are smaller. I also think they have different eyes. YES, I know they do look very similar but they are sisters!!! =)


Lainey-Paney said…
well....i think they look just alike!
Executive Momma said…
I am a new blogger and first time commenter. I just love your blog. Your family is so goregous! I am excited to be an official blogger and not a lurker anymore! :)
wife.mom.nurse said…
They do look a lot alike!


Your blog is very cute. Great pix.

Glad you stopped by ")

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