Daddy Time!

It's been a little bit since I have is the update!

We had an appointment with an endocrinologist at one of the children's hospitals on Monday. She did VERY well at the appointment. She really liked the doctor. He was very knowledgeable and I felt confident that he absolutely knows his stuff. He took an x-ray of her hand to track her skeletal age. He basically (using a lot of fancy words) said that she is big. He said that he isn't really worried about it since her weight has sort of plateaued since November. She is still 41 lbs and that's how much she weighed at her 2 year well child checkup. She is 38 inches which is the 95th percentile! She is just big overall. He mentioned something about early puberty which completely took me off guard since she is TWO YEARS OLD!!! He said that rapid growth can be a sign of that but he didn't see anything that indicated early puberty. He also did some blood work to make sure she doesn't have diabetes or that her thyroid isn't abnormal. He wants to see her every 6 months and so we don't have to go back until November.

She is doing MUCH better today than she has all week!!!! She is such a pleasant and happy baby today and I am not sure what the difference is. She is only wanting to eat between 3 and 4 hours and likes to lay in her bed and look at the ceiling fan. She slept well last night, only waking up (after going to bed at 10:30) at 1:30, 4-something, and then I woke her up again to eat at 8:30!!! YIPPEE!!! I got some much needed stretches of sleep. The night before was AWFUL!!! She was up from 12:30 until 5:00 so I definitely needed something different last night. She is nursing well and my milk seems to be in good and maintaining. I am still sore but we are working on latching issues. I am still pumping some but I realized that pumping after she ate was only making more milk than she needed. I am hoping we are getting in a good rhythm and that things will only get better from here. She went to the doctor on Wednesday and weighs 10 lbs even!!!! She gained 11 oz in a week and a half! Good job, Sister! We go on Wednesday for her 2nd Hep B shot and another weight check. Oh, and she is already sleeping in her crib. I can't believe I already have her in there but she sleeps better in the bed than the pack n play.

I am doing well! I am sleep deprived and really trying to figure out how to balance time for me, my husband and two children but I am blessed. I am so incredibly thankful to God for giving me such a great family. I absolutely do not deserve anything that I have but He is faithful and so so good. I go back to the doctor on Monday and hopefully everything will be healing well and I can return to work in May. I am really excited about going back to church but won't get to do that until after Lauren's shots which she gets on May 14th. I will miss Mother's Day which I was originally thinking would be our first Sunday back since she will be 2 months old on the 12th but...o'well. We will be going for Baby Dedication which will be Mother's Day but we will just go for that and leave.

Daddy is home!!! For 2 weeks!! Brice gets paternity leave as one of the benefits with his firm. He gets two weeks of paid leave to spend time with his family and new baby. He took off starting yesterday and will be here for the next two weeks! YAY! We have some stuff planned but mainly are just going to be a family and enjoy each other. I ask that you pray for Brice. He is stressed from work and needs prayers.

Today is Good Friday and my heart is just full of praise. I don't know if I am really missing church or what but I am just overwhelmed by the gift of Jesus Christ. I have really been thinking about the last week of Jesus as I do every year at this time but I have had time to sit and think about it. Today is a day of mourning...for our Saviour but the story does not end there! HE IS RISEN!!!! Not only did He rise that day but He is risen TODAY! He is coming back for us and we need to be ready. I have been in sort of a "spiritual funk" for awhile but I was thinking the other day about what Easter means and how thankful I am for a Saviour who came and is coming again!! Praise God!! May you find joy in Him this Easter season!! Here is a song...a really old song but a new version that I absolutely LOVE!! Enjoy!


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