Sick Mommy

I am sicker than sick!!!! I am not sure why I was the last to get "this" and now am sicker than anyone else!!! Doesn't make sense!

I went to the OB today for my post partum check-up. Everything is great! She released me so I can workout again and go back to work (in May). I do have mastitis which might be cause for some of my cold symptoms...fever, chills, etc. I am on an antibiotic. It is always kinda sad for me to when I deliver and then realize that I will only being seeing the doctor once a year. I know that sounds weird but you develop very close relationships with your OB/GYN. I saw her every month, then every two weeks, and then every week, and at the end twice a week for 9 months! She is a great doctor and I hope that if we decide to have another baby she will be around to deliver that one too!! figure out what is safe to take while breastfeeding for this cold!!!!!


Rule of thumb... you can take anything that you took while pregnant (tylenol, benadryl, robitussin, afrin nasal spray, claritin). Hope this helps and you feel better soon.
Ben and Bethany said…
My dr always told me that if you feel like you have a cold or the flu while breastfeeding then it's probably mastitis. I got it when Jackson was 3 months old and I seriously thought I was gonna die - it was the worst!

One thing - you can't take benadryl while nursing bc it will dry your milk up!

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