Well, I don't like it. There, I said it. I don't think that it's a huge surprise to everyone that I don't like change. I hate it, actually. It's scary and uncertain and it totally gets me out of my routine...wonder where my children get the whole thing of needing a routine....guess we now know!!!

We are going through changes....

Obviously the biggest change we have gone through lately is having another baby. That was a major change but good. It was challenging at first but I had months to prepare myself and it was a planned change. We are adjusting and life is good.

The newest change that we are going through is that my husband is changing jobs. He has been with Ernst & Young Accouting Firm for 12 1/2 the job even before he was finished with graduate school. It is all he has known and he has absolutely loved working for them. He was at the top and doing well. They were a great company to work for. He had great benefits and they were super, I mean, SUPER to their employees and their families. was time for a change. It is still not certain when his last day will be with them but he will soon be starting a new job with Ennis Paint, Inc. It is in....Ennis....go figure!! =) They also have an office in Dallas. It is scary and it makes me nervous but Brice is very excited about it. He is ready for a change and he is looking forward to doing something new. Less travel than before and he won't be quite as busy during "busy season" as he was at E&Y. I just want Brice to be happy and obviously want our family to be provided for which Brice will always do...I have no doubt.

Speaking of work...

I am on the schedule to go back!!! I am actually pretty excited about it. Human, adult interaction outside my 4 walls sounds spectacular!!!! Since we follow doctor's orders closely, we will not take Lauren around large groups of people until she has her shots...May 14th!! I haven't been to church in a REALLY LONG TIME besides Krista's shower last Sunday. I am ready to be out and about. In May I am working the 16th, 30th and on Memorial Day. Brice will have the girls the days I work.

We bought Rachel a sand and water table yesterday since she loves to be outside and aside from the swingset/slide that we bought her last year, she has nothing outside to play with. She LOVES the sand and water table.

We went outside and played earlier before it got too hot...odd for me to say in April, I know but it was hot yesterday and Rachel gets so red in the face (just like her momma) when she gets hot so I don't like for her to play outside too much in the heat. Lauren sat outside in her bouncy seat and LOVED it! I actually captured one of her sweet smiles on camera. She has been smiling for about 3 weeks now....she started smiling a lot earlier than Rachel. She is 6 weeks old today!!!! I will upload pictures from outside later today. We plan on getting out to go visit Chelsea and Krista this afternoon. It won't be long before Baby Melody is here and I want to visit with Krista before both of our lives are nuts!!! She only has 5 more weeks until her due date!!!!


Jen and Jared said…
Congrats on the changes in your life... I pray they all work out well for you!

Love the sand table. I've considered something like that for a while for Peyton (and Laila soon) but I am not trying to clean sand from inside diapers and socks and such... Is it messy? I'd love to hear your "mom review" of the sand table if you have a minute to share it with me.

Lainey-Paney said…
Congrats on the changes. Yes, they can be difficult...but fruitful!

Adult interaction outside of the home??? what you missed that??? {yes, me too when I was in your shoes!}
Anonymous said…
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