Well, what a horrible couple of days I have had! About 2:00 yesterday I started having awful pains! Almost felt like contractions in my stomach and my back but it was continuous. It lasted all night long and I didn't sleep hardly at all. I thought maybe it was just those growing pains that you get when pregnant but for 12 hours???!!! I took Tylenol....notta! It was so bad that I had a dream that I miscarried. It was horrible. I woke up at about 6:00 and got something to drink because I was so thirsty...I think I was a little dehydrated from not drinking enough water yesterday. Anyway, got up this morning, still hurting pretty bad. I ate breakfast and then later on in the day realized that the pains were from constipation!!!! It was so bad! Worse than I ever had with Rachel. I felt better at about 2:00 and I have felt great since. Lesson learned: drink LOTS of water during the day!!!!!

Um...found out yesterday that my 17 year old cousin jumped out of a moving vehicle that was going 55 mph. He has 2 spinal injuries, fractured neck, and MANY MANY broken bones in his legs. He is at Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock. This is the son of my uncle who committed suicide in March. He said that he doesn't know why he jumped out of the truck. It is hard to tell if he did it to kill himself or if he was just being a dumb teenager. He has needed therapy and will probably get it after this incident!

I am still loving the weather!! We are staying busy though. I am working this Saturday and next Saturday. I start Bible study on Monday night and Rachel started music class on Tuesdays last Tuesday morning. Brice is about to complete 12 years with Ernst & Young at the end of this month!!!! I am so proud of him! He really is my rock!

I FINALLY decorated for fall. We are having to start storing things in the attic instead of the extra bedroom because the extra bedroom will soon become Rachel's room! We are going to start transitioning her when we get her furniture....a good while before the baby gets here.

Guess that's about it....going to drink some more water! =)


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