A Busy Day!

Well, I thought that today was going to be a day where we had to choose between several things to do. Turns out, we did them all!!!!

I went to work this morning and had a busy yet not too eventful day. Working in the ER, you never know what kind of day it will be. So, that was good. Then, I came home and got Rachel and we went to what seemed like the other end of the world to Gage's 3rd birthday party!!! It was so much fun! Rachel had a blast. She played on the swings and slide and in the sand and ate hogogs (hotdog) and cookies. She really did have a good time at "Dage's" party! Brice went to a men's fellowship at the church then we all came back home. The other thing we wanted to do is watch the Razorbacks play. We caught glimpses of it but judging from the score, I don't think we really wanted to watch it anyway.....Let me just say...

I AM EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Between being pregnant and toting around an ever growing belly plus a 40-lb toddler, getting up early and working at a steady pace, I am just pooped! I did get to hear the baby's heartbeat today....a nurse friend of mine got out the doppler...LOVE hearing that sound...it was 146. Slower than Rachel's ever was.....wonder if this is a boy!!!?? We shall see.

I will post pictures from Gage's party tomorrow or Monday. Too tired!


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