All is Good!

Well, we are good here in the Hester household! We had a really good weekend. Rachel was a really good girl. Her old ball pit busted so I went to Toys R Us and got her a new one. This one is way cooler! is DORA!!! My child is obsessed! =)

Anyway, she LOVES it and just plays in much all day! I also got her a little miniature Dora doll because I realized that she doesn't have anything Dora. I bought a couple more things for her birthday and Christmas while I was there. I can't believe it is coming up so quick! We are thinking of getting her a swingset for outside.

Speaking of outside...the weather is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! I love love love this weather! Highs in the 70' like! I just hope it stays nice for awhile...I hate the heat.

So, we got the garage door fixed. It was a broken cable. For the moment everything is working properly...yippee! My mom got hit hard by Ike this past weekend. She lives in Hope, Arkansas and a huge oak tree landed in the middle of her house. It did quite a lot of damage and the insurance adjusters will be out to give them quotes today.

I had my 12 week doctor's appointment today. Everything is good! Heartbeat was perfect and all of my labs were great from last time. It was a quick and easy appointment. No surprises! The baby is growing....and so am I...I gained more weight than I should have but she said it was probably water weight. I don't think so, but she can think what she wants!!! =) Next appointment is October 13th where we can do the quad screening tests if we choose to and then we get another sonogram to hopefully tell the sex of the baby in November!


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