YAY!! My friend, Krista is pregnant and I can finally blog about it!! Our first children, girls, are only 3 months apart and our next ones, according to due dates, will be about 2 months apart. I couldn't be happier for them!

I am ready to feel this baby move all of the time! I know that sounds weird but I don't like being in the stage of not really feeling him/her consistently and then thinking that something is wrong because I don't "feel" like I think I should or because one of the symptoms I have had is now gone. I like knowing that all is well. Being pregnant is a huge faith builder. It is something that you can't see yet believe that it's there and thriving. Hmm....that could be a whole other blog....

We got some of Rachel's new "big girl room" stuff yesterday. We got the sheets and the entire bedding ensemble. I ordered them last week and they came yesterday. Here is the bedding:

The room that she is moving to has a red stripe around the center of the room so this will go perfectly. We got the hamper, the comforter, the dust ruffle, pillow sham, window valance, and the little hanging squares for the walls. It is super cute and Rachel wanted to lay on it last night after I took it out of the bag. What is this bedding going to go on? Glad you asked!!!
This is her bed. I think it is very cute! We did get the trundle too so that it could sleep one more person, if necessary. We also go matching chest of drawers and a nightstand. Her toybox that she got for her birthday last year will go well and we will need to get her a bookshelf. The bed will be here the middle of October and the trundle is backordered until the middle of November.

Got a busy weekend ahead....going to have to choose which of a couple of things to do. Brice is off starting next Wednesday for a week and I am so excited!! I think we are going to take Rachel to the starts tomorrow!


krista and ryan said…
love the furniture and bedding!!! super cute!!!
Lainey-Paney said…
congrats to your friend, krista. that's going to be so much fun!

and the bedding & bed---love 'em!

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