Just To Say A Little

So, I haven't blogged much about this pregnancy. I am 11 weeks today!!! YIPPEE!!! All is going well. I have had a little morning sickness...nothing major. I have definitely been more nauseated with this little one than I was with Rachel. HOWEVER, it has not kept me from eating! =) Suddenly being off my diet when I found out I was pregnant was like a celebration but I probably won't be celebrating when I go to the doctor next!

With Rachel I craved fruity things...especially chewy candy like Starburst. So far with this one I have just wanted cold things. Not necessarily ice cream but really cold things. Mainly, I just like to eat!

Like I posted previously, we had our first doctor's appointment on August 18th and it was good. Since I work at the ER, I get to see the baby a little more than your average person. A friend of mine and I like to sneak a peek occasionally with the machine in the ER. We got to see the little person yesterday. The sono machine at work isn't great and neither was the sonographer (ME)! We did see him/her though and it was just precious!! You could see the little hands and feet, head and body. He/she was moving around and flipping and jumping! I could have watched him/her all day!!!!

Speaking of him/her.....we are trying to decide whether or not to find out the gender of the baby. I had mentioned to Brice not finding out but he said that it was ridiculous! I was a little surprised. I figured that he would want it to be a surprise. He also followed that up with, "Come on. As inpatient as you are, do you really think you could wait to find out?" My answer sounded something like this..."probably not." I like being as prepared as I can! We found out with Rachel at 16 weeks and then she told us again at 20 and then I had my 4D sono at 31 weeks and we knew for sure after that! I was SO happy! I wanted a little girl so bad. HONESTLY and people don't really believe me, but HONESTLY, I don't care whether this one is a boy or a girl. We had a discussion about this yesterday because I really wanted to know if Brice wanted a boy. He said he would like to have a boy but it really doesn't matter to him. He said that there is always the feeling of wanting to carry on your family name but another girl would be fine too. He didn't really care the first time either but I wanted a girl really bad! I think a little boy would be good so we could have one of each and I think little boys are precious but I think that it would be great for Rachel to have a little sister. I never had a sister and always wanted one. So.....we will probably find out but not for another month or two.

I know a TON of people that are pregnant right now...I am talking A BUNCH!!! I will have to write them all down and see how many there are.

I go back to the doctor on September 15th but it will likely be a quick visit. They will probably just find the heartbeat and do blood pressure and that sort of thing. I will update when I find out more. For now, I am pregnant and I am doing well! We are all doing well!


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