What a fun day! I love Saturdays. I get to watch completely senseless TV (namely Lifetime), play with my munchkin all day and sit around and talk about everything and nothing with my husband! AND....I GET NAPS! So, that's why it is 1:04 in the morning and I am still awake. We took a 3 1/2 hour nap today! ALL 3 OF US! It was fabulous!

I had a VBS meeting this morning at church so I had to get up and get ready for that. I came home and ate lunch, then we napped. I should have worked out, but....I DIDN'T! I did not do my 3 days this shoot me! After nap, Rachel and I went shopping for ribbon! I think I have every shade of every color and every print of ribbon you can think of! I have discovered how to make bows and I am so stinkin excited about it!!!! Most of you know that my child rarely leaves the house without a bow in her hair and when she was really little a bow clipped to a headband. Well, they are expensive and some time ago I bought a manual off eBay to show me how to make them myself. Well, that manual has been sitting here next to my desk for months and the ribbon has been stored away. I decided to get out the manual the other day and try to figure it out. I have about gotten it mastered, folks!!! The last 2 bows I made tonight look almost like the ones in the store! YAY!!! So, although I spent close to $60 on ribbon today, I won't have to ever buy another bow...I CAN MAKE IT MYSELF! I have to be I will start having to buy clothes to match bows! YIKES! =)

So, then we came home and my husband made steak and potatoes for dinner. It was very good. My child......well...she's funny! I made her a plate with tiny pieces of steak, little pieces of bread, some lettuce (we had salad), and some potatoes. We said our prayers (her new favorite thing to do) and I gave her a fork. She ate all of the potatoes first off. Then she started eating the lettuce and ate it all. She then went for the bread and meat. She ate some biggie. Well, she used her fork and got a piece of meat. She put it in her mouth, chewed it up and then spit it out. I AM TELLING YOU, THIS KID DOES NOT LIKE MEAT!!!! Not red meat anyway...she only likes chicken and turkey. I tried to get her to eat more bites and she kept saying, "Hucky, NO!!" So, I didn't force her to eat it. She wanted more salad, so I gave her some of mine....she wanted more....and more...and more.....she would rather eat salad than steak. I'm telling you, the kid is going to be healthy! Her Uncle Brannan would be so disappointed.....

After dinner, I went across the lake to a friend's house for a Premier Jewelry party. I LOVE PREMIER JEWELRY! I bought myself 2 new necklaces, a birthday gift for a friend (who reads this blog so I couldn't put details), and what I am most excited about....a new ring for myself that I absolutely fell in love with and is being retired therefore I got it for 20% off!!! I was so excited!!! I am going to have to put it away for Christmas though....that was my reasoning for having to have it! Maybe I can get it early for my birthday (don't get too excited, my birthday is only a week and a half before Christmas!) Tomorrow I must collect all of my jewelry from all of the various locations and organize my freestanding jewelry box. I am scheduled to host a jewelry show on August 15th. I am also thinking about starting to sell it.....sounds like a good deal....we will see!

I haven't taken many pictures lately of Rachel...well, in general. Sorry! :( I will try to do better. then Jaiden's birthday party (my cousin who will be 4). Then, hopefully a relaxing day of a whole lotta nothing before starting back to work on Monday!


Lainey-Paney said…
post pics of the home-made bows.

I've made some bows & hair clippies for Aubri (gage's little friend///), but they didn't look as awesome as store-bought...I still need to work on it though.
robert said…
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