Whew...take a breather!

What a busy weekend we have had! Rachel and I went to Hope mainly for Adison's 1st birthday party but we were so glad to see some of my family. It just seems like it went by incredibly fast.

Friday night Mommy left Rachel (only from like 5:30-10:30) with my mom and went to Christy's daddy's for some food! It was GREAT!!! Rachel only slept in the car for 45 minutes on the way to Arkansas so she was dog tired and Mom said she went down at 10 minutes after 8:00 and never cried. Saturday we hung out with Christy's family and swam in Christy's mom's pool and Rachel loved it!! She keeps saying, "Chuchel, fim." (translation: Rachel, swim...in case you didn't get the original version!! :) Sunday was Adi's party. Aside from me stepping on a toothpick at my mom's that morning and it going into my foot, Sunday was such a good day! Rachel played and Adi had a good party. I just love her....she is such a sweetie!!

Rachel LOVES playing in the dirt but she hates to be dirty...not a great combination! She played outside in the flower beds with my mom and loved every minute of it...until she saw dirt on her feet and would promply ask my mom to wash them off with the water hose. Stinker!

We drove home today...okay, so I drove home today...IN THE POORING DOWN RAIN!! Couldn't see the road at all in Rockwall and Rachel was screaming at the top of her lungs at the windshield wipers...I don't get that child sometimes...I just know I was ready to beat her!!

Leah had her baby on Thursday....BABY JOY!! I have only seen pictures, but she is precious.

Krista called this morning and her Poppop died early this morning after being in the hospital for about a week now. I mourn with her but rejoice at the same time because he is no longer hurting but dancing and singing with Jesus! Please join me in praying for her family.

I am exhausted! I am working tomorrow thru Friday so I will post pictures from the weekend when I can....hopefully tomorrow night!


krista and ryan said…
WOW It's pink:) and I like it!! Thanks for praying for the family.

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