I guess the phrase "change is the only thing that stays the same" rings true....once again. It was announced this morning that the preschool/children's minister will no longer be in that position effective July 27th. I am terribly sad. Cynthia is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!! She is completely selfless, a true servant of God, and assertive and challenging all at the same time. She has taught me so much as a lady, a leader, and a mom. She was there at the hospital after I had Rachel (as she normally is when someone at the church gives birth) and she did not even know us very well. She didn't even get to see her but she stayed and visited with me....something I will always remember.

Something that I thought about this truly is a act of obedience.....Cynthia announced that she has been struggling for awhile about what God would have her do. She told us that she feels called at this time in her life to be at home with her teenage son and her husband. She is not leaving Inglewood but she will just be serving in a different capacity. I say it is an act of obedience because it is evident to all of those that know Cynthia that she LOVES the children and she enjoys her job. This decision was not easy for her and this was pretty clear as she struggled through her letter this morning....yet, she is following her heart and God's direction. It is just an incredible testimony and example of faith.

Those of you that know me know that I DO NOT DO CHANGE well at all!!!! I mean, at all!! It just tears me apart. I have had to deal with a lot of changes in my life, some good, some not but it makes the change bittersweet when you know it is God's direction. I absolutely love Cynthia as does Rachel. I am so excited to serve alongside her at Inglewood but sad that she will not be leading my baby as she has for the past 19 months.

God is good and faithful. I have cried a few times this morning as I think about what the future holds but I know that God is good.....


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