It's Official!

I am a jewelry lady!!!! I am now a Premier Jewelry Consultant! I have my own jeweler number and everything. Now, I just have to get my FRIENDS and FAMILY to have parties for me so that I can first pay off what it cost to start and then hopefully start making profit!!! YAY!!! I am very excited and a little apprehensive at the same time. I mean, I love Premier Designs. I actually have hosted several shows in the past and have won a lot of free jewelry but I can recognize the fact that everyone does not love Premier or jewelry at all. I don't want to make people feel uncomfortable or be that pushy sales person because that gets on my nerves. I just want people to have fun and hopefully make a little money and wear pretty jewelry in the process. With that said.....PLEASE HAVE A SHOW FOR ME!!!! Seriously, let me know if you want to.

Premier Designs


Dana said…
I have been to several Premier Jewelry parties and love all the pieces I have bought from them. They are cheap and good quality....I have a feeling you won't come to my house to do a party though : )

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