My Crazy Life!

Nope, still no new pictures! Sorry gang. My camera still sits in the same spot it has been for about a week. Maybe I will get it out today. I did get the video camera out the other night and finally got Rachel counting from 1-10! And, she also sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star for me. So cute!

Well, I did clean out my jewelry box and put all of my jewelry in it's place. I had to polish a lot of it because the silver had tarnished. I really should be better on my jewelry. My wedding set is really dirty right now too but I don't have platinum cleaner....may have to invest in some.

So, I spoke to the lady about selling jewelry. There are expenses involved but the perks sound fabulous...isn't that what they always want you to think when they are giving a sales pitch. Brice and I have done some research and I really feel like this is a good opportunity. If nothing else, I can earn back the expenses that it takes to get into it and have a bunch of jewelry. BUT, I am really wanting to do something great with this. I have wanted to sell things for awhile. I went to a Southern Living at Home party once and thought I wanted to do that. I am thinking jewelry will be more fun! I just hope I have enough people to host shows for me. I have a lot of friends that are supportive but they need to invite people that I don't know. All of you reading this that live in the DFW area, LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO HOST A SHOW!!!! It doesn't know if I know you are not....there are a lot of great things about hosting a show including FREE stuff! :)

I have been thinking about my life and all of the things that I have going's a lot. There are some things that I know I am God-called to do and some others that I did because I needed or wanted to. I am thinking that I am going to have to downsize my activities. For my family, for me, and for this new business opportunity. I have been praying about what I need to get rid of. Hopefully I will make some wise decisions.

Okay, so I went Latin dancing last night! Absolutely so much fun!!!!! I loved it...and I sweated! It was a lot better than belly dancing. Bad news is that she isn't doing the class at all the month of July. Maybe I will work on the moves from last night....probably not! =)

Hope all is well with everyone!


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