What a week!

This has been one of the hardest weeks in my life!! My Papa passed away from cancer on February 5th and the funeral was Wednesday. As I think about the past few months I recall wondering with fear what it would be like when Papa died. He was diagnosed with cancer when I was in the hospital about to have Rachel and the doctors gave him 3-6 months to live. Well, in my mostly optimistic mind, I was thinking, "Oh, he'll live another year at least." Then reality hit me as I thought about working at the hospital myself and knew that I was really going to have to face the death of a family member for the first time - and it was going to be sooner rather than later.

He lived not even 3 months and his fight was over. Death symbolizes a lot of different things for a lot of people. It seems so final and yet for the Christian, it is just the beginning! The beginning of something GLORIOUS!!! While we cannot be sure whether or not someone who has passed truly knows Jesus Christ as their Savior, I would like to believe that my Papa is singing in Heaven and one day I will meet him there when I meet Jesus! Gives me chills just thinking about that day! "What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall I see!!!" What a day...Papa doesn't have to struggle for breath anymore and he knows no pain or suffering or despair!! What a blessing! I miss him like crazy and I have tears in my eyes when I think about my baby girl growing up only knowing her Papa for a short time, but I know that he is so much happier in his glorified body. I will always tell Rachel stories about her Papa and she will always know what a special man he was in our lives!!

I love you my Papa!!


Alison said…
I know Rachel will enjoy hearing your stories about Papa! He is in a much better place...better even that us, but just know that you...and Rachel...will see him again!
krista and ryan said…
Rachel will be blessed by the differences your Papa made in you. His legacy will live on,,, in you and now Rachel.

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