Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's a new day and Rachel is HAPPY!

We woke up in a good mood this morning! When I say we, I mean Rachel!!!! :) We went shopping and got her some new hairbows!

This is one of the outfits that Mama-Nette got Rachel and it is TOO CUTE on her. We love purple! Well, Rachel has started this new thing she likes to do called throwing a fit!!! It is pitiful. When I am feeding her if I take the bottle out of her mouth to burp her or when the bottle is empty, she just goes nuts! She screams like I am torturing her and stiffens up so I can't do anything with her. Talk about trying someone's patience!!! The child acts like I am never going to feed her again and Lord knows she isn't starving! This too, shall pass, let's pray.


Reason to Rejoice
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