More pictures!

Rachel got her 3 month professional pictures taken yesterday and I am so excited about seeing them! The lady that took our wedding pictures took them and she showed me a couple after she was finished - too cute!! Rachel was a big girl and only got fussy to eat and then she was ready to go again! We got some with just Rachel and Daddy, some with Rachel and Mommy, some of the three of us and then some of her by herself. She smiles all of the time and would barely smile yesterday for the pictures...isn't that the way it goes?! I think that the whole experience totally wore her out. She feel asleep in her Daddy's arms last night about 10:00 and then didn't wake up until 7:30 this morning! She usually sleeps through the night, but not 9 1/2 hours! She is back asleep now! We have started putting her in her bed for her to go to sleep on her own and it has worked out pretty well. We have only done it once and she only cried for 20 minutes! Last night, we were going to try again, but like I said, she fell asleep in Dad's arms. We take a trip to Arkansas this coming weekend for Rachel's Great-Granny's 92nd birthday party!! YAY! We are excited to see family and friends, but it will be a very quick trip with a long way to travel for a 3 month old. Hopefully, she will be a good traveler. We have already decided that we will have to stop at least once, probably around Hope.


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