Well, this 14 lb, 15 oz baby was ready for cereal. We went back to the doctor yesterday for a follow-up from her illness last week and she said, "Give this baby some food!" Rachel was starting to eat every 2 hours and as I mentioned before, throwing a fit when it was time to eat. We tried cereal for the first time this morning and it was kinda funny. She couldn't decide whether or not she liked it. She didn't spit it out too bad but she did act like she was choking a couple of times. I think she just didn't know what to do because it was a different texture. Brice couldn't be here so we videoed it. We knew that thing would be good for something!!!

All finished...that wasn't too bad! I think we'll do it again. ;)


Anonymous said…
I love your pics! Rachel is beautiful. You need to visit my site. I have added you as a link...

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