A Day at the Mall

We went to the mall yesterday for a day of shopping fun! This is the outfit that she wore (above)! No, we were not there to pick up any young babes! =) We found Rachel an Easter dress at Gymboree and of course, I spent way too much money on it, but it is precious! We got some smell good stuff for the house and then went and got tons of Easter decorations at Hobby Lobby! Rachel has been there more times than any place besides home. I am starting her off right! She was an angel all day long. She started getting fussy around lunch time so we stopped and we both ate and then she was talking to the sales people. It was a lot of fun! We also found a itty bitty swimsuit for Baby Miley. She will be born in June and will have to have a swimsuit.

I am going to work tomorrow and Friday and Heather is keeping Rachel. It is going to be good practice for her when her baby is born. We are excited that she will have a little rugrat soon. YAY!! More babies!

As we talked tonight at choir practice regarding a tragic event that touched one of our church members this week, I am reminded about how important it is that we go to God with everything. God does not want us coming to him just when we are at our best or when we more often come to Him - at our worst. He wants us all of the time. He longs to spend time with us. Whether we are angry, hurt, frustrated, confused, happy, overjoyed, or surprised, He wants all of that. God can handle anything that we throw at Him. Does He understand when we are confused and we don't understand what's going on in our lives - you betcha! God is there to ease the pain and trouble to comfort us when our lives don't make sense, but He is also there to rejoice with us in good and loves to hear our praises when things are going well in our lives. God is good - ALL THE TIME!!! That is "Reason to Rejoice!"


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