Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, didn't get this posted yesterday with Rachel being sick and fussy! Now, I am sick and I went to the doctor yesterday. I just have an upper respiratory infection...fun fun!! Z-pack should do the trick! Hopefully Brice will not get sick. Not the best time of the year for him to miss work. Here are pictures of Rachel in her Valentine's Day outfit. She, of course, spit up on it before I could get the pictures taken. Spit up and all, I still think she's pretty cute!

Rachel got lots of stuff for Valentine's Day. Mommy and Daddy got her a pink giraffe with red hearts and Praise Baby DVD's. Now we have all of them!!! Daddy picked out a baby doll with butterflies on her dress just for his little girl. She also got sweet cards from her Mama-Nette and GP in Arkansas. Her 1st Valentine's Day was tons of fun! And she turned 3 months old today too!!


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