Monday, November 30, 2009

Mother of Two

I have heard so many people talk about how unsure they are about having more than one child and the hesitations that go with that. I have to admit, I was hesitant as well but for totally different reasons. I was scared on a physical level about being pregnant and going through everything that I did the first time around. I did have some of the same complications but the experience all the way around was just much better. I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy and loved being able to know what to expect during labor. Most of what I hear others talk about is if they can love another child as much as you love your first, will I be able to give him/her the same amount of attention, how will life balance out, etc....that was never a concern for me. I never once thought that I couldn't love a 2nd baby as much as my 1st. And it's true....I absolutely love both of my girls more than life itself and I cannot explain how I can love that much!!!

Children are fascinating to me!! They are just little people full of creativity, ideas, tempers, and love that happen all at once sometimes!! I blog a lot about Rachel and the challenges that she hands us as parents but she is such a doll to me!!! She is so incredibly smart (I know everyone thinks that about their child). Is she advanced or smart beyond her age? I don't know but she is pretty clever! She has her daddy's ability to think and my outgoing nature and sense of humor. She is so much fun! You can literally see her little mind working sometimes. Lauren is really nothing like Rachel (I mean, I can only compare about 8 months since that is how old Lauren is at this point). She is so needy. She is EXTREMELY happy....all of the time!!! She is definitely a Mommy's baby and is very clingy...nothing at all like Miss Independent Rachel! She is precious! She is growing so fast.

The question was posed to me not to long ago about the idea of more children. We definitely will try for at least one more. Whether it be three girls or two girls and a boy, we would like to have three least. I have to take my pregnancies one at a time...

Children are a glimpse into the way that God loves His children. It is hard to fathom how, before you have two and three, etc, children, that you can love each of them as much as the ones before but you can and you do!!! God has so many children and He loves each one of us as much as the first!!! And not only that, but He loves us so much more deeply than we love our own children!!! Is that possible??! It is! The Bible tells us this truth and it is amazing to put it in perspective. God. Loves. Me! He loves me more than I love my own! That my friends...


Reason to Rejoice!!!!!



Mom of 3! said...

I love this post! It is so true!!! I was sure I would never love another baby as much as my first so I didn't want any more kids.... God had a different plan... much different :) Now with our third almost here, I can't wait to meet her and find out how she is different from her sisters.

And my two girls sound just like your two.... my oldest is very independent and strong-willed and my second baby girl is very needy and a total Momma's girl (well she used to be... now she's a Daddy's girl). But I love how different they are!

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Reason to Rejoice
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