Eight Months Old, RSV, and Changes

Lauren turned 8 months old on the 12th....yes, I am behind!!

She now has 4 teeth...two on top and two on bottom, front and center. She is almost crawling and talks all of the time, yet doesn't say much...must take after her mommy! She weighs 20 lbs, 6 oz and I know this because we went to the doctor today. She has RSV!!!! She still acts fine but has been coughing for about 3 weeks and coughed all night long last night. So, this week's plans may change a little.

She is still changing so much and it has been hard leaving her at daycare for the past several weeks while I take a couple of extra shifts at the hospital. This is something that I am going to have to get used to soon though because....


Yes, it's crazy, I know! You are probably asking yourself why in the world would I leave my children in someone else's care if I don't have to. Well, with all due respect, it is a decision that I didn't come about lightly and I feel that it is what is best for our family at this time. I enjoy my work and my girls really enjoy daycare. I can already see a difference in the "clingyness" that Lauren had to me. I will be the Women's Services and orthopedic floor social worker at the hospital where I currently work. I am very excited and a little hesitant at the same time but I have a peace about it. My girls will be okay and I can go visit them anytime I want...they will be next door to the hospital. I am excited to be back in the career that I love more than just occasionally.

That means I will probably be more scarce on here but hopefully I can keep up with you. When I get into a routine at work, it will be a little easier to get things organized at home and I will make time for blogging after the girlies go to bed.

Wow, this post had a lot of information. I still haven't posted about Rachel's birthday party but it will be next, promise!!!

Until then....



Rachel Moss said…
Congratulations on your job! I will pray for Lauren to get better soon. Katie Bug had RSV when she was about 7 weeks old, and it was no fun at all!

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