"For All That YOU'VE Done....

...I will thank You..."

Today I am missing my Granny. I miss her really bad. She was our rock...the center of our family and today and everyday since January, she is missed. I miss our long talks on the phone. I miss being able to go to her house anytime because I knew she would always be there. I miss the sound of her giggle. I miss her telling me to eat whatever I want...I'm at Granny's house!!! I miss her rubbing my belly when I was pregnant with Lauren...the last time I saw her...I was pregnant with Lauren. She never got to meet my baby and Lauren will never know how special Granny thought she was...before she even knew her! I still have the row she crocheted that was supposed to be Lauren's baby blanket....she never got to finish it. I miss everything about her....everything. Happy Birthday my sweet Granny-bug! Happy Birthday....

"...for all that You've promised and all that You are. For all that has carried me through..."

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!!!

"...JESUS, I thank You."



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