This past week....we have been sick...all of us!

I agreed to work for all of last week and 4 days next week and the day after I agreed, Rachel got sick. Her tube in her left ear fell out and she has another ear infection!!! BAH!!! Then Saturday, Lauren developed a cough and Brice didn't feel well. Sunday, they were all 3 feeling pretty yucky so guess who got to stay home from church....YEP, ME! I felt great!! Brice's mom came down on Sunday to help me take care of the girls since they were sick, couldn't go to daycare, and I was supposed to work. She stayed until Thursday morning. I started feeling bad on Tuesday and it was really bad by Wednesday. I could barely talk. I continued to work...had no fever. Brice's grandmother got ill on Thursday morning and was put in the hospital with pnuemonia (please pray for her...she is 94 and illnesses like this can be really bad) so his mom had to leave kinda in a hurry to get back to Little Rock. The girls went to daycare. That evening I told Brice I was taking Lauren to CareNow to get checked out since she had a cough for nearly a week and it wasn't getting better. They couldn't get her O2 sats above 90 so they sent us to the ER. That took FOREVER!! Her sats were fine...95-97% and they basically told me what I already knew...she has an upper respiratory infection...antiobiotics for her now too! Both girls are taking amoxicillin. I now feel better but still sound kinda yucky. I was glad to have a quiet weekend...didn't do much but househould stuff and I loved it (well, not the chores but loved being at home). This week...same 4 days!!! I'm tired already! =)



Jen said…
Bless your heart... I can't imagine working and trying to take care of a sick family. And I sure hope your grandmother gets well quickly.

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