Disney World - Summary

I am really afraid that if I don't sit down and do a "summary" of the rest of our trip, you will never get the rest of it!! So, this post might be long but I am going to try to tell you about the remainder of our trip....

DAY 3 (Tuesday)
This was a rest day. We stayed at our condo and hung out all day. Brice's mom and I went to an outlet mall and had time to go to one store..Gymboree Outlet. She bought a bunch of ADORABLE clothes for the girls for Christmas. That evening we went to Downtown Disney mainly to go shopping and to let Rachel see the things made out of Legos.

DAY 4 (Wednesday)
We went to Animal Kingdom first (my least favorite) and then went to Magic Kingdom. Rachel really like Animal Kingdom. It really is like the best zoo ever even though they pride themselves on not calling it a zoo....I decided to put the girls in their Halloween attire this day...no reason in particular....

We went to the Finding Nemo stage show and Rachel really liked that. We also did Turtle Talk with Crush and she really enjoyed that too. Here she is with her daddy on Triceratop Spin.

She really started warming up to the characters too. She touched and HUGGED Pocahontas and Rafiki. She played the conga drums and wanted to spend more time at this....AND I did something I have never done. I touched a snake!! Rachel did too and she said, "He's bumpy!" That was about the end of Animal Kingdom. I am good with only staying there for a few hours.

We then headed to Magic Kingdom which is beautiful at night! I got my pineapple ice cream which is one of the MAIN reasons I go to Disney!!! =)

I love Cinderella's castle at night. It changes many different colors. Here is one of my favorite pictures

Magic Kingdom truly is magical!

DAY 5 (Thursday)
This was Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM Studios) day. Some of the highlights were Great Movie Ride, Dinosaur, and Rockin Roller Coaster! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rockin Roller Coaster...the BEST roller coaster ever!!

Rachel loved playing on the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" playground. Here she is on an ant.

We got a Mickey ice cream everyday at each park, I believe. Rachel was LOVING it!!!

We ate a late lunch at Sci Fi Dine In. It is neat restaurant where you sit in "drive in cars" and watch a movie while you eat. The food really isn't anything to write home about but the experience is pretty neat.

We went back to the condo early that night. We were a bit exhausted.

DAY 6 (Friday)
We were at Magic Kingdom all day for our last day at Disney World!!! It is always bittersweet...you want to soak it all up because you know you are going home but you are so exhausted you can't wait to get back home.

Rachel got to ride the carousel horses...again....and again.....I didn't take many pictures the last day. I guess I was tired of taking them and we had already been to Magic Kingdom twice before. I took one special picture that morning that you might see on Katie's blog soon!! =)

It was such a nice trip. We had a blast but it was quite challenging with the girls. I found it a little difficult to juggle a toddler needing to go to the bathroom on a whim, an infant who needed to nurse and take naps (which she did AWESOME by the way), a toddler who needed a nap but found it hard to take one, and it is just tiring. I love going to Disney but we always come back way more tired than when we left. We will probably not go back until Lauren is about Rachel's age (given that we don't have another infant at that time).

I took a couple of pictures at the airport the day we left Orlando. I love this one of Rachel.

Sorry for the long post but I hope that you have stuck with me and have enjoyed reading about our trip. Hopefully I will catch up on posting soon!



Rachel Moss said…
I love that you built a rest day into your vacation. I'll have to remember that for the future.
Rachel Cox said…
I agree! A rest day is a great idea!!

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