So Many Little Things To Do

I have had this list of things to do for the past week or so. Included in that list: grocery shopping, exchanging some things that I bought that didn't fit, voting, rescheduling appointments, making appointments and the list goes on. I got some of that done today. I had a jewelry party in the middle of the day so I just took Rachel to daycare (school, as she calls it). It was actually kinda nice. I was able to go to Babies R Us and get some things and do the jewelry party then take a nice nap (if the phone would have quit ringing), and then exchange a dress that I bought for Rachel for Christmas that was too small. I also got my flu shot arm hurts. I have another jewelry show tomorrow during the day so she is going back to school. Hopefully I can get some more things accomplished. I really hope to vote tomorrow.

Not much new happening in our world. It is 11:34 PM and I am still waiting on Brice to get home. He had a meeting at church tonight regarding the church budget. He is the chairman of the finance committee. I expected him to be this late but I don't know how much longer I can hold out. I have done the dishes and lots of other things....

I am excited about Rachel's birthday party in a couple of weeks. I cannot believe how big she is!!!! Two years old!!! She is such a handfull but I just love her to death! Today on the way to church we had a discussion about tails. Like tails on animals. She was holding her stuffed pig and I asked her where the tail is. Well, the she proceeded to talk about Rachel's tail. I explained to her that Rachel doesn't have a tail. Then she went through everyone that she knows and we talked about how they don't have tails either. It was quite a funny conversation. She is just talking more and more. I am so thankful that God has allowed me to be her mommy!!!


Anonymous said…
Hey were things "rockin'" at your house??? ;)

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