Our Weekend

Most will find this post boring....there will be no pictures because I didn't take any pictures! =P

I went to an all day CEU thingy on Friday in Fort Worth. Let me just say...it was about death. 8 HOURS ABOUT DEATH!!! UGH!!! I mean, most of the information was helpful and useful and thought provoking. I didn't agree with most of what this man was saying but he was a good speaker. He kinda came across as a "quack" to me but whatever, it was 8 FREE CEU's, FREE breakfast, FREE lunch and it only cost me $52 in childcare!!! =) Gosh, what a poor attitude I have!

Saturday..let's see....we had lots of plans of doing things around the house..none of which we did. FABULOUS! I wanted to get some stuff ready for Rachel's room and her bed to be delivered this week....didn't even go in the room. I wanted to clean the carpets...nope. Instead, we sat around and did nothing. It really was nice! I watched football which I love....didn't love that the Razorbacks are stupid and lost by 1 point.

Sunday...hate that the Cowboys are stupid too! Went to church....as we do every Sunday. After church we went to the park with some international students from DBU for lunch and a time to visit. This is something we are doing with our small groups on Sunday night. It was good times except for my fussy child (which I predicted beforehand...it was her nap time). Sunday lunch time is HORRIBLE for Rachel. She is such a pill! We took a little nap...I did some dishes. We were getting ready to go to Chapps to eat a cheeseburger (my craving at that particular moment and my husband is ALWAYS willing to oblige if it means Chapps) and Anita and Courtney showed up to watch the kids like they do every Sunday night...except we didn't have small group last night! SO....they took Rachel to the park while Brice and I went to eat. I packed Rachel a nice little lunch and they ate and played. It was a nice break! THANKS, GIRLS!

It's Monday...back to the week. I realized this weekend how much I enjoy having family time with my husband. I like us all being together. Can't wait to have another one to share it with! =)

Not much else going on. This morning Rachel woke up earlier than normal - 6:45. That's early compared to her normal 7:45-8:00. I am not sure that she doesnt wake up until then but at least she is content in her room until then and lets me sleep. Not this morning...she was SCREAMING at 6:45. I went and got her and she was so fussy! We went downstairs and she watched Dora (what else???) while I did laundry and dishes. I had the carpet in the dining room clean, 3 loads of laundry, and the dishes done by 8:00 this morning!!! WOW! AND...I got a shower before lunch time! The laundry is now almost finished..completely (it's 2:55 pm). I love productive days!


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