Prayer for A Friend and Baby

My friend, Ruth, had her baby boy late last night/early this morning....about 10 weeks early. Baby John wasn't due to arrive until sometime in December but he graced the world with his presence a little early. Ruth had a placental abruption last night just after midnight and was rushed to Harris Methodist HEB where she delivered via emergency c-section a little after 2:00 am. John weighed 3 lbs, 13 ounces but is actually doing very well. He is only on CPAP with a very small amount of oxygen. He isn't quite out of the woods yet but he is doing well. Ruth is very tired and she gave everyone a scare with the amount of blood that she lost but is doing better. She will likely go home on MOnday or Tuesday and Little John will have to stay for 6 weeks or so in the NICU. Please pray that he gets stronger and stronger everyday. Ruth says, "We are just so amazed and blessed by God's mercy and grace." It has been a rough road for them conceiving and carrying a child...John is certainly a blessing to us all!! I can't wait to see him. Also, pray for Ruth and Matt as they deal with John's issues and being 1st time parents.


The Dickeys said…

Tell your friend that I will be praying for her family. Having a baby in the NICU is so hard especially when they have to be in so long. Seth was only in there for three weeks and it was a roller coaster ride.


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