Hope Trip

We left last Thursday afternoon for a little visit to Hope. Brice hasn't been to Hope since April of this year and wanted to go visit. We had to stay in a hotel because my mom's house is only partially liveable at the moment. I have to say it was wierd staying in a hotel in the place where you grew up!

On Saturday we got to see Alison, her mom, and THE BOYS!!!! I finally got to see the babies. I was so excited! I wish I could have loved on them longer. They are so sweet!

Then Saturday evening we went to Christy's daddy's house for some good ribs and company! Rachel and Adi played and the adults visited. I forgot my camera...boo for me!!!! They aren't going to be able to come to Rachel's birthday party this year so they gave her a present while we were there. It was a total hit. It was a Dora bag with colors and stickers in it. SHE LOVES IT!!!!

Sunday, we went to my church in Hope and then after a short visit and lunch with my mom, we drove to Hot Springs to see Christi, Charlie and Will. We haven't seen them in a really long time. Charlie is preaching now in Hot Springs so we got to hear him which was a major blessing, and then we visited with them afterwards....included was some PIZZA!!! YAY!!! Will is rough but Rachel LOVED playing with him!

The trip was complete after a drive home on Monday....in the POURING down rain!!!!! It was really bad but we are okay. About 2 hours after I got home, I went to Bible study! I was tired, but it was worth it. I love Beth Moore!


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