Our Life...Lately

So, our 4th anniversary has come and gone and it seems to have just flown by! For the actual day, Brice gave me a Willow Tree figurine holding a bundle of apples (can apples come in a bundle?) Anyway, Brice is very traditional and back on our very first anniversary he started buying gifts that were actually what tradition says to give. This year it was fruit and flowers. I got him a blender filled with apples, peaches, and strawberries! =) He always gets me the best cards. They are usually everything I would love for him to say to me but he buys them in a card...sometimes you just gotta take what you can get! No, he really is an amazing guy! I love him to pieces...he is so very good to me and our child.

I did work some this last week and have had 2 jewelry shows both of which turned out better thatn I had expected. I only forgot one important piece of information at the first show....o'well, I will get better with practice, I suppose! Good thing is that I will get plenty of practice this month...I have 9 more shows to do by the end of the month! YIPPEE!!

Today was Chelsea's 2nd birthday party at the carousel. Rachel used to be terrified of the carousel but today we couldn't get her off of it. Daddy went round and round and round. Before it was even finished, Rachel would look at Brice and say, "Gin, gin (that is short for again, not the alcoholic beverage!)" She had a blast. We were 30 minutes late because I didn't feel well this morning.

I am super excited about the olympics. I love them! I love that Michael Phelps just blew the competition out of the water!!!! It was awesome....didn't enjoy the fact that they messed up the US national anthem....REALLY BAD!!! And women's fencing....we took all 3 medals..who woulda thought!!! I didn't even know what fencing was...I thought it was where people ride on horses. Brice informed me that what I was thinking was jousting with is NOT an olympic sport and has not been around for many years...so, I need to brush up on my sports....sorry!!!


Lainey-Paney said…
You totally didn't mention something that we found.
Dana said…
I LOVE willow tree figurines. Your husband sounds very thoughtful. My husband bought me a mothers day card this year...I got it about a month later and it was still wrapped in the clear plastic and not signed....

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