Excitement Around Our World!!

Well, things around the Hester household are interesting to say the least. We are quickly approaching the terrible twos with our little one!!! She is a MESS!!! She will even tell you that she is a mess. She had a terrible incident yesterday which involved waking up totally distraught from her nap and going immediately to the bathtub....I will spare the details but I am sure you can fill them in! We try time out...works sometimes, others not so much! She does get spankings when needed as we are not opposed to them....they seem to work well. Rachel is, as her daddy put it, stubborn. I can't tell you who she gets that from....in all honesty, probably a little of both. Her new favorite thing is to scream when she doesn't get something she wants....we are quickly trying to fix this!

In other news, we have known for about 5 weeks now that we are going to have another baby!!! We had our first doctor's appointment today and all is well with Baby Hester #2! The due date is March 27th and we could not be happier. The baby's heartrate today was 158 bpm! I am feeling good....just occasional nausea that goes away and then kinda lingers....it is different than with Rachel when I felt great the entire time except for I slept ALL OF THE TIME!!! I feel like I have a little more energy with this one. I go back to the doctor on September 15th.

Took Rachel to the park yesterday afternoon....here are some pictures!


Lainey-Paney said…
I think it's a boy!
Dana said…
Rachel is just too cute to think she could be hit by the terrible two's!

Congratulations on the pregnancy. Have you told Rachel yet? Does she understand?
JODI said…
CONGRATS!!! You are due on Logan's birthday. I think it's a boy too.

I know what you mean about the terrible twos.

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