Incredible Weekend!

We just got back from our weekend getaway! Okay, so it was only across town but we had a great time!

Friday after Brice got home from work, his parents arrived from Arkansas to stay with Rachel for the weekend. We visited for a short time and then we left for our dinner. We got to Houston's off Preston Rd in Dallas at about 5:30 and it was very crowded. It seemed like it took an eternity to get there to begin with. The wait staff told us that it would be a 25 minute wait and fortunately my husband was already thinking we would have a wait so he wasn't too cranky about it. See, he HATES to wait...HATES it!!! Anyway, it only took them about 10-15 minutes tops to get us to a table. The service was excellent, the food was even better, and it was just a great meal time. Thanks, Mike for the rec!!! After dinner, we drove back to the hotel and we watched some nonsense TV and went to be early. We stayed at the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Las Colinas. It was SUPER nice and I felt fancy!!!

Saturday morning we woke up at about 9:00....and not to the sound of a crying toddler...WOO HOO!!!!! We watched TV until about 11:00 and then went to Taco Diner for some was....different. Then we went to Grapevine Mills Mall just to stay out of the heat and kill some time. We also checked out Rooms 2 Go Kids for Rachel some toddler furniture...they have none. After that we went to Toys R Us for 2 gifts for Logan and Ester, Rachel's friends who both had parties yesterday she had to miss. =( Anyway, then it was off to the spa! We went to Daired's in Arlington. Brice got a 50 min swedish massage and I got a 70 minute Thai pedicure which was fabulous!! Then it was dinner time again....we had a wonderful steak at Hoffbrau. Then we went to the Ulta was right there. Then went back to the hotel. Went to bed kinda early again..I love the bed at that hotel.

We got up this morning... kinda missing our kiddo. Funny how most conversation was about her while we were just do that to you. We ate a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel before returning home.

Rachel had a great time with her grandparents and we had a great stay-cation!!!

I really needed the break this weekend to become rejuvenated for the month of August. It will be crazy to say the least. It starts this Friday. I am working 2-3 days every week and I have 10 jewelry shows before August 29th!!! WHEW!!!


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